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Frequently Asked Questions: Council tax

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Council tax FAQs

Q: How do I appeal against my property band?


If there has been a change to your property or you are a new taxpayer and you consider your band is incorrect you should contact the listing officer of the Valuation Office Agency.

The council tax bands for Cheltenham are determined by the Gloucester Valuation Office.  If you wish to dispute it, please contact them directly at the following address:

Gloucester Valuation Office
Ley Court
Barnett Way

Telephone: 0300 505 150

If you decide to appeal against the band you must still pay the council tax based on the existing band until such time as the appeal is settled. The council tax department cannot deal with an appeal against a property band.

Q: How can I pay my council tax bill?

Q: I'm filling out my direct debit mandate for my council tax - what is my reference number?

Q: I do not get paid until the end of the month, can I pay then?

Q: I don't have my account reference to hand - can I discuss my account with you over the phone?

Q: I can't pay my council tax - What should I do?

Q: Where can I go for independent advice on debt?

Q: I've had a reminder for non payment of council tax. What should I do?

Q: I've had a summons for non payment of council tax. What should I do?

Q: Why have you sent me a summons for the whole year when I've got until March to pay?

Q: Can I stop paying my council tax because I am not satisfied with the standard of certain services?

Q: How do I apply for council tax benefit?

Q: Do I still have to pay council tax if I have made a benefit application?

Q: Do I still have to pay if I have an appeal outstanding on my council tax?

Q: I am a pensioner - can I have a discount?

Q: I'm in the army - can I have a discount?

Q: My partner is in the army - can I have a single person discount?

Q: Can I get a discount if I work abroad?

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