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Council tax disregards

Full time carer (excluding those caring for husband, wife, partner or child)

People providing care or support to one or more people:

The professional carer

  • has to be providing care on behalf of a local authority or charity
  • can be employed by an individual, but have to have been introduced by a charity
  • must be employed for at least 24 hours per week
  • must not be paid more than £44 per week
  • must live in the premises that are provided for their job

The home carer

  • has to be providing care to a person who is entitled to one of these benefits:
    • higher rate attendance allowance
    • highest rate care component of disability living allowance
    • increased rate of disablement pension, paid at the highest rate
    • an increase in constant attendance allowance
  • has to live in the same place as the person who they are providing care to
  • has to work for at least 35 hours per week
  • must not be a disqualified relative such as spouse or parent of child under 18