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Running safely all year round

Keep safe when you're out running

man doing up his shoe laces We should all take responsibility for our own safety when we go out running and most of this is just plain common sense. It is always important to take care when we are out running alone. The following suggestions may just make a difference:
  • best of all, run with a friend! If going alone, text a friend your route and time
  • carry a mobile phone and/or money for a call box
  • don't wear headphones. lf you're wearing headphones you won't hear what's going on around you. These days it's common to share paths with cyclists who may approach you quietly from behind
  • during the daytime wear light or fluorescent clothing so that other road users can see you. At night, wear reflective clothing, or at least clothing that has reflective strips incorporated. Headlights can make out reflective clothing up to three times further away than non-reflective materials. Pale clothing will also help you to be seen but fluorescent clothing needs daylight to be really effective
  • run facing the traffic if there is no pavement. However if you're approaching a blind corner cross over to the other side when it is safe to do so. Cars will then be able to see you more clearly
  • be aware of your surroundings, so you can avoid anything you’re not comfortable with – people, dogs, cars and so on
  • run in well-populated, lit areas if you're by yourself
  • vary your route and the times you run. Apart from anything else it could get boring!
  • carry a tag card with your name and emergency contact details. lf the worst should happen, you can be identified and friends or family notified

Running groups

Run England logo - running figure in red with red and grey text

Come running with a group during the evening, rather than running on your own.  Check out the Run England website, or have a look at our women's running pages to find a list of women only groups in Cheltenham.  Cheltenham has groups to suit all abilities from total beginners to advanced racing. It costs just £2 to take part – with no joining fee! You will get the support of fellow runners and qualified instructors and best of all you will be running safely.