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Top tips for a healthy lifestyle

Ten top tips for your healthy lifestyle

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We all know how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle - there are adverts about it everywhere - newspapers, magazines, on the radio and TV. There is a lot of information out there and it can get very confusing. People often ask me, 'how much exercise am I supposed to do?', 'what is a portion of fruit or veg?' and 'are carbohydrates bad for me?'

So, to make things a bit simpler and hopefully less confusing, here are my top 10 tips for an all-round healthy lifestyle:

  1. base your meals on starchy foods: breads, pastas, rice, potatoes - try to choose wholegrain varieties where possible

  2. eat lots of fruit and vegetable: remember your 5-a-day

  3. eat more fish: aim for at least two portions of fish a week including one portion of oily fish

  4. cut down on saturated fat and sugar: try vegetable oil instead and use reduced-fat spread instead of butter. With meat, choose lean cuts where possible and cut down on sugary drinks and foods

  5. get active and try to be a healthy weight. Aim for the recommended 30 minutes exercise per day, 5 days a week - Re-Active will help you achieve this!

  6. drink plenty of water: 6-8 glasses or 1.2 litres a day of water or other fluids to help prevent dehydration

  7. don't skip breakfast, it gives you the energy you need for the day ahead

  8. eat a wide variety of food to help you achieve a good balance. Use the eatwell plate to help you achieve a good balance

  9. be aware of your alcohol intake. The current recommendations are that men can drink up to 3-4 units of alcohol per day and women can drink up to 2-3 units of alcohol per day without significant risk to their health. For more information on this and to calculate your units visit the NHS website

  10. try to eat less salt: no more than 6g a day

    Remember to enjoy your food!

    Why not have a look at The Stable Company website to find out about their community projects which are based around all things that grow in the soil - you can sign up to their vegetable box scheme which delivers free of charge in the Cheltenham and Tewkesbury area. Download a copy of their latest newsletter.

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