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Sustainability in Cheltenham

Sustainable development in Cheltenham

Newly built houses near Springfields Park with crane visible in the background

The council is strongly committed to the principle of sustainable development and, together with Cheltenham Partnerships we have developed a longer-term vision for the future of Cheltenham:

"We want Cheltenham to deliver a sustainable quality of life, where people, families, their communities and businesses thrive; and in a way which cherishes our cultural and natural heritage, reduces our impact on climate change and does not compromise the quality of life of present and future generations."

(from Our future, our choice - Cheltenham's sustainable community strategy, originally published in 2008)

We set out our own contribution to this vision in our Corporate Strategy, which sets out our commitment to four community objectives to help achieve this long term goal:

Enhancing and protecting our environment

  • Cheltenham has a clean and well-maintained environment
  • Cheltenham's natural and built environment is enhanced and protected
  • Carbon emissions are reduced and Cheltenham is able to adapt to the impacts of climate change

Strengthening our economy

  • Cheltenham has a strong and sustainable economy

Strengthening our communities

  • Communities feel safe and are safe
  • People have access to decent and affordable housing
  • People are able to lead healthy lifestyles
  • Our residents enjoy a strong sense of community and are involved in resolving local issues

Enhancing the provision of arts and culture

  • Arts and culture are used as a means to strengthen communities, strengthen the economy and enhance and protect our environment.