Energy saving in the home

hand turning the dial on a thermostat

An energy efficient home:

  • could save you as much as £500 a year on your energy bills
  • is easier and cheaper to keep warm and free from draughts
  • reduces the risk of respiratory illness, including asthma
  • makes it easier to control the temperature and prevent overheating
  • is easier to keep free of condensation, damp and mould

Energy saving tips

  • Cutting energy costs isn't just about cheaper tariffs. The main way to save during the current energy crisis is to use less. See if you can adopt any of the easy methods to save energy at

  • There are some grey areas with saving energy, and a lot of disputed claims. This Energy mythbusters guide looks at these in more detail

  • This useful video shows you how to adjust the flow temperature on your combi boiler to save energy and money all year round.

  • A team of trained energy advisers can give free energy efficiency advice that will help you stay warmer and healthier in your home. Contact the Warm and Well advice line on 0800 500 3076 - a freephone line that runs 9am to 5pm each weekday. Here you can speak at length to a home energy advisor to describe your circumstances, your living arrangements, your energy consumption and get tailored advice (and possibly grant options) to reduce that consumption. The Warm and Well website is also full of guides and resources to help improve energy efficiency in the home

  • Top ten tips for saving energy in the home from the SWEA Warm and Well team

Help and support

For more information and advice on the availability of grants or discounts on insulation work to your home, contact the Severn Wye Energy Advice Centre on 0800 500 3076. The centre manages the Warm and Well scheme on behalf of all the district councils in Gloucestershire.

The council's energy efficiency strategy seeks to bring about significant improvements in Cheltenham, recognising the threat posed by global warming and the need to manage limited resources in a more sustainable manner.

Energy company obligation: Help to heat

Local authority flexible eligibility statement of intent

The local authorities of Gloucestershire welcome the introduction of Flexible Eligibility (FE) and intend to use it to reduce fuel poverty in the area.