My neighbours have large trees in their back garden which protrude into ours. Is there a legal limit for the height of trees?

There are no legal restrictions for the heights of trees. However tree owners must ensure that their trees are acceptably safe. They can do this by hiring an arboriculturalist to assess their safety. Pruning trees often makes them safer in the short term. You are entitled to prune those parts of the tree which are over your property boundary (providing this would not kill the tree or damage its health). You should seek professional on-site advice before you do this. However you should inform your neighbour of your intention to prune and offer them back any wood/branches. Such pruning would be at your own expense.

If the tree is subject to a tree preservation order or is within a conservation area then you would need to apply and receive permission from Cheltenham Borough Council before pruning. We can determine whether there are such legal restrictions on the trees.

If the trees are evergreens/semi evergreen trees form a hedge, then high hedge legislation may be relevant.  

For more information on trees, have a look at our tree management pages.

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