How does the smokefree law affect me?

Business owners, employers, landlords
If you are responsible for a building where members of the public may visit or more than one person works there, you must ensure your building is totally smokefree at all times.

Members of the public
If you are a member of the public, you must make sure that the places you visit (if they are totally or substantially enclosed) must be smokefree at all times.

An employee
If you are employed and are not the only person at your place of work, your place of work must be smokefree at all times.

Work vehicle operators
If you operate a work vehicle, these must also be smokefree at all times, if more than one employee uses the vehicle, even if it is at different times.

Taxi drivers
If your vehicle is used as a taxi, whether it is a private hire vehicle or other form of taxi, it must be smokefree at all times, not only when carrying members of the public.

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