Types of planning applications

There are a number of different types of planning permission that may be needed if you are proposing to carry out any form of development within Cheltenham:

  • Householder application - This is required for works or extensions (including conservatories) to dwellings which are not permitted development
  • Change of use - This will normally be required to change the use of a property or area of land to another
  • Full application - This is the most common type of application in which the full details of the proposal, drainage and access arrangements, siting and design are all included for consideration
  • Outline application - This is submitted to establish whether development is acceptable in principle. Detailed plans are not usually submitted at this stage, although the council may ask for more details
  • Approval of reserved matters - This is required following the granting of an outline application. A reserved matters application sets out outstanding details of the proposal including access arrangements, siting, design and landscaping, while taking into account any conditions that have been given in the original outline consent
  • Listed building consent  - This is required if any works to a listed building will in any way affect its character (including some internal alterations). Please note: Listed building consent is required in addition to planning permission
  • Conservation area consent - This is required only if you wish to demolish an unlisted building in a conservation area. Please note: conservation area consent is required in addition to planning permission
  • Advertisement consent - This relates to the erection or display of advertisements
  • Non-material minor amendment application - This is required should you wish to make minor alterations to a recently approved planning permission before implementing the works.
  • Application to extend the time limit for implementation - This allows applicants a longer period of time in which to commence extant planning permissions that were granted on or before 1 October 2010
  • Tree preservation orders - The council must be notified in advance of any proposed work to be carried out on or around protected trees
  • Discharge of conditions - This relates to discharging conditions on an approved application

Regardless of whether planning permission is required or not, you will probably also need building regulation approval if you want to do new building work.