2017-18 Corporate Strategy

The Council has now agreed and published its corporate strategy for the forthcoming year (April 2017 to March 2018). The document sets out the following:

  • A proposed vision statement;
  • The four priority outcomes that we will be working towards;
  • The council’s priority actions to deliver the outcomes;
  • The milestones and risks by which progress will be measured.

This year, the council has been supporting the preparation of a place strategy for Cheltenham which sets out a shared vision for Cheltenham for the kind of town we want Cheltenham to be in the future.


The proposed vision for Cheltenham

“We want Cheltenham to be a place where everyone thrives”


We will do this by linking our heritage to an exciting future by being;

  • Creative
  • Pioneering
  • Nurturing
  • Connected and re-connected

Our outcomes

For the purposes of corporate strategy 2017-18, we have focused our efforts on three high-level outcomes covering the issues that matter most to our residents, businesses and visitors. We also have an internal “transformation” outcome covering commissioning, asset management and financial management. The outcomes are:

  • Cheltenham's environmental quality and heritage is protected, maintained and enhanced
  • Sustain and grow Cheltenham’s economic and cultural vitality
  • People live in strong, safe and healthy communities
  • Our council can continue to facilitate the delivery of our outcomes for both Cheltenham and its residents