2013-14 corporate action plan

The council has now agreed and published its action plan for the forthcoming year (April 2013 to March 2014).

The plan sets out how we will deliver our three community objectives of:

  • enhancing and protecting our environment
  • strengthening our economy
  • strengthening our communities

which are supported by two cross-cutting objectives of:

  • enhancing the provision of arts and culture
  • ensuring we provide value for money services that effectively meet the needs of our customers


Cheltenham Borough Council is now a commissioning council which puts a strong focus on understanding the needs of Cheltenham and its people in designing outcomes for our services. By using a strategic commissioning approach we are seeking to improve the outcomes for people who rely on the council and the wider public sector whilst at the same time creating opportunities for financial savings.

“We are leading our community by taking a commissioning approach. We are driven by the needs and strengths of people and place in order to improve wellbeing, the economy and the environment and use resources efficiently and effectively” 

As part of our commitment to this vision we are exploring different ways of delivering services that meet the needs of our customers and deliver value for money.

Working in partnership

We are committed to working in partnership with others to deliver a better quality of life for our communities.

Cheltenham Partnerships has undertaken a piece of work to identify the most pressing issues for partnership activity where there is both corroborating evidence and a willingness from partners to work collectively on solutions, but also where there is alignment with priorities set at a county level, for example by the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Health and Wellbeing Board, the Children’s Partnership and the Local Enterprise Partnership. The action plan, which has been endorsed by the Strategic Leadership Group, is as follows:

  • we will work to reduce the negative effects of poverty on vulnerable children, families, adults and older people - see planned improvement action COM6 and COM15
  • we will work with our communities to promote healthy lifestyles through reducing alcohol consumption, promoting physical activity and healthy eating and improving mental health and wellbeing see planned improvement actions COM11 and COM16
  • we will inspire more people to get actively involved in their communities so that we co-create stronger, safer, healthier and more resilient communities across the whole borough - see planned improvement action COM1, COM2, COM14
  • we will work to create a strong and sustainable economy - see planned improvement action ECD2

The action plan includes specific commitments to support the delivery of these priorities.

Monitoring our performance


Monitoring of our performance will happen on a regular basis with reports going to our overview and scrutiny committees at least twice a year.