2012-13 action plan

The council has now agreed and published its action plan for the forthcoming year (April 2012 to March 2013). 

The plan sets out how we will deliver our three community objectives of:

  • enhancing and protecting our environment
  • strengthening our economy
  • strengthening our communities

which are supported by two cross-cutting objectives of:

  • enhancing the provision of arts and culture
  • ensuring we provide value for money services that effectively meet the needs of our customers

The development of the action plan has, like last year's plan, taken place against the background of continuing financial pressures - the 2012-13 budget had to bridge a gap of £1m which means a lot less cash to deliver our services with.  

In response, the council has adopted a commissioning approach which means exploring new ways of delivering services that not only improve the outcomes for people but at the same time creating opportunities for financial savings.

Monitoring of our performance will happen on a regular basis with reports going to our overview and scrutiny committees at least twice a year.