Accessible taxis

In line with the Equality Act 2010, if you hire a designated taxi as a wheelchair user, you can expect the driver:

  • to carry you while in your wheelchair
  • not to make any additional charge for doing so
  • to carry your wheelchair, if you choose to sit in a passenger seat
  • to carry you safely and in reasonable comfort

The driver should also provide mobility assistance if needed:

  • to enable you to get into or out of the vehicle
  • to enable you to get into and out of the vehicle while in your wheelchair if you want to travel in your wheelchair
  • to load your luggage into or out of the vehicle
  • to load your wheelchair into or out of the vehicle if you don't want to remain in the wheelchair

It is also worth noting that a driver of a designated taxi or designated private hire vehicle commits an offence by failing to comply with a duty imposed on the driver by this section.

List of designated vehicles

Plate Number Fullname Make Model Colour Issue Date
HCV239 Mr Qais Jan Peugeot Partner Silver 13-Nov-19
HCV220 Mr Constantin Badoaia Citroen Dispatch Black 25-Jan-19
HCV224 Mr Gurdeep Singh Nijjar Peugeot Partner Silver 01-Mar-19
HCV250 Mr Lee Boreham Peugeot Partner Silver 09-Jan-19
HCV215 Mr Rajiv Kalapi Citroen Dispatch Silver 27-Dec-18
HCV214 Ms Joanne White Peugeot E7 Silver 17-Dec-18
HCV227 Mr Greemson John Peugeot Partner Silver 19-Dec-18
HCV212 Mr Muhammad Mahmood Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Silver 27-Dec-18
HCV238 Mr Michael Rodgers Ford Journey RX Silver 25-Jan-19
HCV234 Mr Sorkio Abdullah Mohammed Peugeot Partner Silver 21-Feb-19
HCV260 Mr Ishrat Rasul Peugeot Partner Silver 15-Feb-19
HCV225 Mr Shamsuz Zaman Peugeot Partner Silver 15-Feb-19
HCV219 Mr Dushan Amarathunga Arachchige Peugeot Partner Silver 04-Dec-19
HCV226 Mr Aleksandar Dimitrov Peugeot Partner Silver 12-Jul-19
HCV215 Mr Rajiv Kalapi Citroen Dispatch Silver 11-Dec-19
HCV072 Mr Kirit Jaientilal Toyota Avensis Blue 26-Apr-19
HCV138 Mr Ben Arthur Attew Peugeot Partner Silver 02-Sep-19
HCV175 Mr Syed Wiqar Naqvi Peugeot Partner Silver 26-Jun-19
HCV213 Mr Baqer Shah Peugeot Partner Silver 06-Jun-19
HCV202 Mr Paul Avery Citroen Berlingo Silver 22-Nov-19
HCV205 Mr Petru Hozas Peugeot E7 Silver 30-Aug-19
HCV201 Mr Mohammed Akil Miah Peugeot Euro Bus Black 25-Sep-19
HCV243 Mr Danyar Ali Peugeot Partner Silver 17-May-19
HCV245 Mr Christopher Guttridge Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Silver 25-Oct-19
HCV240 Mr Babar Mushtaq Peugeot Partner Silver 01-Nov-19
HCV107 Mr Constantin Tudor Peugeot Premier Silver 20-Jun-19
HCV134 Mrs Susan Merrilyn Pearl Peugeot E7 Silver 17-Jun-19
HCV195 Mr Adam Foley Volkswagen Kudos Silver 07-Jun-19
HCV194 Mr John Donoher Peugeot Partner Silver 10-Jul-19
HCV233 Mr Denin Devassy Peugeot Euro Bus Silver 13-Sep-19
HCV162 Mr Paul Anthony Farrell Ford Tourneo Silver 24-Sep-19
HCV221 Mr Imran Rentiya Peugeot E7 Silver 26-Jun-19
HCV231 Mr Md Wahid Ul Islam Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Silver 27-Nov-19
HCV217 Mr Abdennaceur Chattaoui Peugeot Partner Silver 04-Dec-19
HCV208 Mr Mathew James Evans Ford Tourneo Silver 06-Dec-19
HCV053 Mr Bilal Ali Citroen Dispatch Grey 14-Nov-19
HCV267 Mr Florin Craciun Ford Tourneo Silver 31-Oct-19
HCV232 Mr Rashid Farooq Peugeot Partner Silver 08-Mar-19
HCV230 Mr Simon Wilson Peugeot Partner Silver 10-Apr-19
HCV241 Mr Marius Bara Ford Journey Silver 13-Sep-19
HCV192 Mr Rahmat Ali Heydari Peugeot Partner Silver 17-Apr-19
HCV222 Mr Abdul Kadir Peugeot E7 White 12-Jun-19
HCV084 Mr Samir Jamshidi Peugeot Partner Silver 22-Jul-19
HCV216 Mr Umer Shahzad Peugeot Partner Silver 17-Oct-19
HCV238 Mr Simon John Wilson Ford Journey Silver 22-Oct-19
HCV237 Mr Atiq Ur Rehman Peugeot Premier Silver 13-May-19
HCV223 Mr Anghel Radu Fiat Scudo TW220 SE Red/Yellow 09-Oct-19
HCV129 Mr Graham Foley Peugeot Partner Silver 02-Aug-19
HCV246 Mr Cristian Constantin Olteanu Ford Tourneo Silver 03-Apr-19
HCV235 Mr Saleem Tariq Akhtar Peugeot Partner Silver 08-Nov-19
HCV168 Mr Nouman Liaqat Peugeot Expert Silver 29-May-19
HCV218 Mr Gheorghe Gheorghe Peugeot E7 Black 29-Nov-19