Street parties for Queen's Platinum Jubilee

To coincide with the Platinum Jubilee, The Big Jubilee Lunch will be taking place on Sunday 5 June. Communities around Cheltenham will want to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, either on Sunday 5 June or at some other time across the bank holiday weekend.

In the vast majority of cases, no licences will be required. However, you may need to apply to Gloucestershire County Council Highways for a road closure (see below).

If you are planning a street party, please let us know by email to We will maintain a list and share this with the County Council in case there are emergency street works and road closures necessary.

Road closures

Applications to close roads must be made to Gloucestershire County Council Highways through a Street Works licence (Special Events Application).

Gloucestershire County Council Highways have decided to waive the normal licensing fees for Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations but you will need to submit your application form with sufficient notice and you might be asked to submit a plan and/or other documents.


Cheltenham Borough Council is responsible for issuing a range of licences including for the sale of alcohol, charitable collections and street trading.

For the vast majority of street parties, no licences will be required. 

We have provided an overview of the relevant licensing requirements below to help event organisers assess their events. If you are not sure, please contact Cheltenham Borough Council will waive discretionary fees for licensing requirements.

  • Retail sale of alcohol – You will need a licence if you are going to sell, by retail, alcohol. This does not include “bring your own” or any other circumstance where alcohol is supplied. If you are planning to sell alcohol, you will need to submit a Temporary Events Notice.
  • Street trading – If you plan to set up stalls or offer to sell items to the wider public as part of your event, you will need to apply for a street trading consent. This will not apply if any selling of items is restricted to a closed event or limited to your street or party attendees.
  • Charitable collections – If you are planning to collect money for charity at your event, you will need to apply for a collection permit. These permits cost nothing and in most cases you will need to just submit the application form to us at

For any licensing requirements, please take particular note of how long it will take to process applications to ensure you make your applications with enough time.

Covid guidance

You must make sure you follow all the relevant government coronavirus advice and guidance when planning your street party.

Health and safety

Possible considerations for your street:

  • Care needs - ensure residents with care needs or appointments have any access requirements met
  • Vehicle safety - ensure that your street closure or a ‘street meet’ avoids the risk of road traffic accidents by ensuring pedestrians have safe routes at all times.
  • Access for the emergency services.  Fire and ambulance typically need a 3 meter width to allow vehicle access.  During set-up if an emergency arises a small number of tables will not take long to move but a large number when not many people are about will.
  • Decorations – ensure decorations are put up safely and securely. Offer to help others who may have the decorations but can no longer safely climb a stepladder. 
  • BBQs

Food safety – cooking for others

Food registrations are not required for one-off events such as a street party.  If professional caterers are brought in, ensure they are registered with the local council. You should ask them about their food hygiene rating and their last inspection report.

Where residents will cater for more than themselves, direct them to the food standards agency advice on providing food at community and charity events where they find further information on the 4 C’s cleaning, chilling, cooking and avoiding cross-contamination.

There is also food safety BBQ guidance if you need it.

Other advice and guidance