The government published the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) on 27 March 2012. This framework is a key part of the government's reform of the planning system and replaces all previous planning policy statements (PPS), with the exception of PPS 10: Planning for Sustainable Waste Management, until it is replaced at a later date.

As a local planning authority, we have to take the NPPF into account in the preparation of local and neighbourhood plans, and it is a material consideration in planning decisions.

The framework sets out the implementation strategy for dealing with existing and emerging plans and in decision taking on planning applications (Annex 1 of the NPPF). Cheltenham Borough Council's Local Plan (adopted 2006) continues to be the starting point for decision making. As the plan was adopted in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, due weight can be given to policies depending on how consistent they are with the framework. In considering planning proposals the existing Local Plan must be considered in the context of the framework and all references to planning policy statements (PPS) should now be ignored.

We have written some FAQs for you to look at. There are also some FAQs on the Planning Advisory Website (PAS).

National Planning Policy statement

Read our statement about the end of the 1 year transition period for the NPPF and what this means locally.