13 Feb 2019 at 10am Opening and Matter 1: Evidence base and Vision (Day 1)

Opening statement on behalf of Cheltenham Borough Council  

Alex Chalk MP - statement

Matter 1: The evidence base for the submitted Cheltenham Plan and its vision

Main issues:

  • Have the legal requirements for sustainability appraisal (SA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), and Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) been met?
  • Is the Vision set out as Theme A, B and C positive and justified?

Statements submission deadline: Midday on 23 January 2019 for postal and electronic copies.

Participants and further statements submitted
ID Representor / Agent  Statement Attend
215 Ken Pollock [1337]

M1-1337 K Pollock

M1-1337 Appendix-3 Secondary School FoI

M1-1337 Appendix-4 JCS Review Response

M1,3 & 8-Pollock Apx emails (Feb 2019)

M1&8-Pollock Apx VisionClause-C TransportModification

368 Alice Ross [628,608] M1-628 & 608 A Ross revised Y
466 Robert Hitchins Ltd represented by Pegasus Group (Sarah Hamilton-Foyn) [505] M1-505 R Hitchins Appeal Decision 3178952 Y
494 Reddings Resident Association (Gary Fulford) [1379,1380]

M1-1379 & 1380 TRRA

TRRA Air Quality report - 2017 ASR Version 1.1

TRRA Arup - Cheltenham Plan Transport Assessment Phase 2 - Arup Report

TRRA Site E3 - Appellant closing statement 15Jan19

TRRA Site E3 - LPA closing statement 15Jan19

555 Tom Yates [663] - N
161 Natural England (Antony Muller)[1284] M1-1284 CBC & NE SoCG Y
273 Miller Homes represented by RPS Planning (Tim Partridge) M1-1219 Miller Homes Y
  Cheltenham Borough Council


M1-1284 CBC & NE SoCG

59 J Ringrose - non-participant statements

M1-59 J Ringrose - Exclusion of representations

M1-59 J Ringrose - Plan drafting responsibilities