Phase 4 - Boots Corner trial closure

Phase 4 of the Cheltenham Transport Plan centres around the closure of Boots Corner to general traffic.

The new traffic layout for Cheltenham town centre began as a trial at the end of June 2018. Councillors voted in January to extend the trial until August 2019.

What is happening under the trial?

  • The trial closure affects the section of Clarence Street through ‘Boots Corner’, North Street, Clarence Parade and Pittville Street through to Imperial Circus
  • General traffic is not allowed in this zone at any time under the trial closure
  • Buses, bicyles, taxis and private hire vehicles are still allowed to use this route through town
  • loading and unloading is allowed between 6pm and 10am.

After an initial review in January 2018, some changes were made to the trial. The start of the trial area moved to a point in Clarence Street between Post Office Lane and Imperial Circus. Clarence Parade and the western end of Clarence Street will be opened to all vehicles with two way traffic flow.

Read more detail about the trial closure.

Purpose of the trial

What we found through public consultation and ongoing engagement is that Boots Corner is perceived by many as the heart of the town. Being dominated by traffic does not allow people to take priority within this space. Our ambition is to put people and spaces first by:

  • reconnecting the High Street and humanising Boots Corner so that it becomes a space for people rather than simply a functional space we move through
  • creating an inclusive environment that focusses on public transport access, walking and cycling
  • creating good quality public space that enables people to increase their everyday physical activity
  • improving air quality

Phase four has purposefully been designed as a trial. Nothing is being put in place that cannot be reversed. Ensuring that streets and spaces function for people means that we have to influence travel behaviour, this doesn't happen overnight and it will take time. We know this is concerning some residents, in particular those who will be impacted by the re-routing of journeys. Evidence shows that many of the current journeys are short and best practice nationally demonstrates that by intervening through transport measures, some of these journeys can be turned off or moved to the mode of walking or cycling. Monitoring is therefore a key part of phase four, but we need to allow time for traffic to adapt to the changes, to understand drivers' behaviours and re-routing patterns and the way in which people move into the space created by the interventions.

Key dates for phase four

  • 4 June 2018 – Information signs announcing closure at key point around Cheltenham
  • 28 June – trial closure came into effect
  • July to November – monitoring of the trial, feedback welcomed from residents and visitors
  • December 2018/January 2019 – review of the trial and recommendation on whether it should continue
  • December 2019 – latest date on which the trial can end (and be made permanent, changed or abandoned)

For technical details of road closures and junction alterations for phase four, please visit Gloucestershire County Council's website.

Phase four - original trial information

Phase four - amended trial information (from 3 June 2019)

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