Details of a cremation service

view of the front of the chapel interior

Services are arranged at 45 minute intervals, although 35 minutes are provided for the actual funeral service. The moment of committal is signified by the closing of curtains.

When the coffin is received in the "committal room", the name plate is checked with the crematorium identity card.  This card is then kept throughout the entire cremation process until the final recovery and disposal of the remains. Without exception, the coffin is placed into the cremator exactly as received in the chapel. The method of disposal of the cremated remains is entirely the choice of the bereaved relatives.

Options that are available can be discussed with the funeral director or by contacting the crematorium prior to the service.

Cremation has become the preferred method of disposal in Great Britain. Approximately 70 per cent of all recorded deaths are now followed by cremation.

Fees and charges for cemetery and crematorium services.