December - #EatingWell

This month we are encouraging children and families to record short video tutorials showing us how to prepare their favourite recipes.

During the festive period, when food is everywhere you look, we want to explore why it's so important to eat as a family, to prepare meals together and to stick to a budget!

Cooking and eating as a family is beneficial to our health in a lot of ways. It has been shown that when families eat together they tend to eat more healthily, and cooking from fresh ingredients helps to eliminate some of the nasties that are hidden in processed foods. Spending time with our loved-ones also helps our mental and emotional wellbeing. Taking on the task together, and then sitting and talking to each other while we eat, helps to develop our relationships and makes our families stronger. 

Here are some top tips to #EatingWell in your family:

  • Start slowly. However many meals you eat as a family now, add one more to your weekly schedule. If school nights are too hectic for a family dinner, make it a leisurely weekend breakfast or lunch. After a few weeks, add another family meal to your schedule
  • Plan tasty menus together. Putting together a family meal does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. Let every member of the family choose a favorite item and build simple, delicious meals around them. Even small children can pick a main dish like wraps or pasta, a vegetable like a peppers or cooked carrots and something sweet like bananas and custard for pud.
  • Talk! The conversations families have while eating together have a huge impact, as you share experiences and ideas, and pass along family values. Pick topics that are positive and allow everyone to talk. Even toddlers like to discuss topics like 'What is your favorite colour?' or 'What made you laugh today?
  • Turn off the TV, phones and anything else that makes noise. They create distractions that can throw off any family's mealtime routine. Declare mealtime a TV- and phone-free zone. Instead, maybe put on some background music, played at low volume, to add a relaxing atmosphere.

How to film your #EatingWell video!

Prepare your ingredients

Think about your ingredients before you start preparing your dish. Does anything need to soak? Does it need to be at room temperature or defrosted? You may need to prepare some bits the night before.

We recommend that you get a grown up to help you with any preparation beforehand. Chopping, slicing and dicing while trying to film a video can lead to distractions and mishaps!

Prepare your cookery area

Is the room well-lit? If it’s dark then people may not be able to see the details of what you are doing, and will find it hard to follow your recipe.

Is your work surface clear and clean? This will make your video look slick and professional.

Make sure you have all the utensils and ingredients close by so you don’t have to keep stopping and walking away to get things you need.

Think about where to place your camera (or your camera person) to get a good view of what you are doing, and of yourself - the star of the show!

Know your recipe!

Have it written down in front of you, or cook something you can do from memory. Maybe cook for your family or friends the day before as a practice run – I’m sure they wouldn’t mind!

Get cooking!

Start your film by introducing yourself and any helpers you have and telling the viewers what you are going to cook. If it’s a recipe that you love to cook, or one that has been handed down in your family, or if you adapted the recipe somehow, tell them this too!

You can film non-stop and then edit after or you can stop and start as you go. There is no hard and fast rule – do whatever works for you.

Remember – Be careful when using the oven or hot surfaces, like hobs. Get a grown up to help you with hot, sharp or fiddly bits.


Editing your video is really key to a good tutorial, and is an excellent skill to start practicing now if you would like to create more web content in the future.

There are loads of easy-to-use apps to help you. We have listed a couple of free ones here:

  • Splice
  • Video Editor
  • iMovie or Apple clips (iOS only)

Based on our research there is NO NEED to pay for any editing apps – the free ones work just as well for this!

Once it is done, email it to us at, or post it to our Facebook or Twitter pages @NCLBchelt.

Please note when you email it to us we may use some or all of your video on our social media, and the video in its entirety will be used on our YouTube channel. Please check with your parent or guardian that they are happy for you to appear on social media before you send it.


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