Animal boarding establishment licence

An animal boarding establishment is a business that provides accommodation for other people's dogs or cats. This can include individuals looking after a small number of animals in their own home.

Anyone who runs a boarding kennel or cattery (day care and/or overnight stays) must have a licence from the council, which needs to be renewed each year.

Before a licence is issued an inspection is undertaken by an authorised officer or vet, to ensure; the premises and the applicant are suitable; and they are able to meet the licence conditions.

Make an application

Find details of the process, including fees, on our make an application page.

Check for a licence

Licence holders are required to clearly display their licence along with the conditions set.

View animal boarding establishments currently licensed within the borough, where the applicant has consented.

Raise a concern

If you have any concerns about premises in Cheltenham, please email with details of the premises involved or if urgent call 01242 264135.  Clearly state your concerns and your reason for them.  All matters of concern will be investigated and complaints are kept confidential.

For other animal welfare concerns please see who is responsible in animal welfare.

Further information