Fast-track determination

We are committed to providing flexible services to meet the needs of applicants and recognise that there are often time pressures when applying for planning permission. We therefore offer a premium service for householders for a faster determination period. This process attracts a higher fee but brings with it a commitment to determine your application within four weeks of submission (without fast-tracking, applications can take up to eight weeks to determine). Our officers will discuss the suitability of fast-track determination for your proposal with you.

Our fast-track services are most suitable for householder projects that have already had pre-application advice from our team, either following a discussion with the duty officer or a site visit and written feedback. This is because these discussions will provide some clarity on the acceptability of your project.

As part of the fast-track process, your case officer will validate your application and consult neighbouring properties within two working days of receipt (on the basis that your application is accompanied by all necessary information). They will then visit your site within the first week of the application (if they haven’t already done so through your pre-application discussions) and discuss the proposal with you shortly after if necessary.

If revisions are required, you will be given the opportunity to provide these and they will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Please note: A four week determination period will not be possible if a committee decision is necessary although the vast majority of householder applications are not heard by committee. Processing revised drawings can also impact on these timescales and it is for this reason we strongly encourage pre-application discussions as this will reduce work during the application itself.

Should you wish to discuss fast-track proposals for other types of development, please speak to the development manager or with your case officer as part of your pre-application submission.