Health Inequalities Funding 2014-15



Gloucestershire County Council allocated a budget of £40,000 to Cheltenham Borough Council to support health inequality projects. This is in recognition that district councils are central in delivering health improvement in communities and are key partners in delivering public health priorities.

CBC agreed to allocate funding to a range of local projects via a grants round that was open to any formally constituted organisations including voluntary and community sector groups, social enterprises, public sector organisations and schools.

On 11 November, Cabinet agreed this list of projects that would receive funding.

Cabinet also agreed that the remaining £20k would be allocated by a second round of bidding that would use the same criteria and bidding documents as the first round.

Funding Priorities

Health inequality grants will be allocated to projects that can demonstrate how they will meet one of the five Gloucestershire Health & Well Being Strategy priority areas:

  • Reducing obesity
  • Reducing the harm caused by alcohol
  • Improving mental health
  • Improving health & wellbeing into older age
  • Tackling health inequalities

The assessment panel will also be looking at:

How the project will target health inequalities by focussing on geographical areas of deprivation or communities of interest

How the project will benefit communities in Cheltenham Borough

If the project is based on clear evidence that your project is needed

How to apply

Please read the application guidelines first

If you feel you project meets all the criteria set out in the guidelines, please complete the application form and return by email to:

Richard Gibson
Cheltenham Borough Council
GL50 1PP.


Application Guidelines

Application Form

Applications will need to be received by 5.00pm on Monday 19 January 2015.