Changes to the refuse and recycling collection schedule over the Christmas period

Published on 26th November 2013

A recycling operative emptying a green recycling box

Cheltenham Borough Council want to remind residents that the refuse and recycling collection schedule will change slightly over the Christmas period.

There will be no collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, therefore some residents will find their collections being made on Saturdays to allow the crews to catch-up. Collections will return to normal from Monday 13 January.

Scott Williams, strategic client officer for Cheltenham Borough Council, said: "Collections will be different for Cheltenham residents from Christmas day until 13 January. Most are running a day or two later, with some residents finding their collections being made on a Saturday. Residents are advised to present their refuse bin, recycling box, food waste caddy and garden waste bin (if subscribed) by 7.00am on their revised collection day.”

Revised refuse and recycling collection schedule for Christmas 2013
Usual collection day Revised collection day
 Tuesday 24 December (Christmas Eve)   Collections as normal
 Wednesday 25 December (Christmas Day)  Friday 27 December
 Thursday 26 December (Boxing Day)  Saturday 28 December
 Friday 27 December   Monday 30 December
 Monday 30 December   Tuesday 31 December
 Tuesday 31 December (New Year’s Eve)   Thursday 2 January
 Wednesday 1 January (New Year’s Day)  Friday 3 January
 Thursday 2 January   Saturday 4 January
 Friday 3 January   Monday 6 January
 Monday 6 January   Tuesday 7 January
 Tuesday 7 January   Wednesday 8 January
 Wednesday 8 January   Thursday 9 January
 Thursday 9 January   Friday 10 January
 Friday 10 January   Saturday 11 January

Residents can also take their recycling, particularly bulky cardboard, to the Swindon Road recycling centre which will be open for most of the holiday period:

 Date Working arrangements
 Tuesday 24 December 2013   7.30am – 4pm
 Wednesday 25 December 2013 (BH)  Closed
 Thursday 26 December 2013 (BH)  Closed
 Friday 27 December 2013    Normal hours (7.30am – 6.30pm)
 Saturday 28 December 2013   Normal hours (7.30am – 4pm)
 Sunday 29 December 2013   Normal hours (9am – 1pm)
 Monday 30 December 2013  Normal hours (7.30am – 6.30pm)
 Tuesday 31 December 2013  Normal hours (7.30am – 6.30pm)
 Wednesday 1 January 2014 (BH)   Closed
 Thursday 2 January 2014   Normal hours resume

Find out more information about the council’s recycling service on their website.  

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