Advice on flooding

Published on 12th February 2014

rain drops forming circles on the surface of a puddle

The Environment Agency has recently issued flood warnings for parts of Gloucestershire.

The council is working in partnership with the Environment Agency to ensure that watercourses in the borough are kept clear. Should there be any major instances of flooding, we will work with the environment agency, the county council and the fire and rescue service to ensure that residents are evacuated to places of safety.

If you are worried about the potential for your home or business to flood please read the Flood Guide. To check if your property is at risk of flooding or to register for the free Floodline Warnings Direct service, please call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or visit the Environment Agency's website.

Latest information

For the latest information about how flooding is affecting Gloucestershire, visit Gloucestershire Prepared or follow #floodglos on Twitter and Facebook.

Protect your property

The council has a small stock of sandbags which will be used strategically if flooding affects Cheltenham. Unfortunately, we cannot supply sandbags to protect all properties, so we would encourage property owners to develop plans to protect protect their property if flooding did occur. Visit the Environment Agency's website for advice on how to prepare your property for flooding.


With any kind of intense weather, travelling can be a challenge. There are still potential problems so please plan carefully and drive with caution. Ask yourself if your journey is essential or could it be rearranged for when conditions improve.

If you are out and about and spot any tree debris or flooding on the roads, these can be reported online or by calling 08000 514 514.

Should you encounter anything like a fallen telephone cable or power line across a road, please do not attempt to cross it, keep a safe distance and notify the police by calling 999. Downed power lines can also be reported to National Grid on 0800 465 1212.