Make sure you are registered

Published on 7th January 2014

Voting form and pencil

Cheltenham residents, who have not yet returned their electoral registration forms, will get a visit from a canvasser to ensure they are registered.

Every household is legally required to register their details with their local council. Canvassers have been out  in Cheltenham since December, reminding those who haven’t returned their forms to submit their up-to-date details, but time is now running out.

Electoral registration forms were sent to all households in the borough in October 2013, and need to be returned to ensure everyone is able to exercise their right to vote.

So far 85 per cent, 46,286 out of 54,460 homes have completed and returned them to Cheltenham Borough Council.

Kim Smith, elections and registration manager, said: “Anyone not on the register will lose their right to vote, including in this year’s European Parliamentary election.

“Their credit rating may also be affected if they are not registered at their current address and they may have difficulty obtaining credit or opening a bank account.

“All you have to do is update the annual canvass form with the details of everyone aged 16 and over living in your household who is eligible to vote and return it to us as soon as possible. If your details haven’t changed you can reply by text, freephone or internet.”

How to complete your form:

• If there are details already printed on your voter registration form, please check and amend them if they are incorrect. 

• You must include the first name, surname, middle initials and nationality of every adult who will be living in your household.

• 16 and 17 year olds should be included, with their date of birth, in section 2. As soon as they are 18 they will be able to vote.

• If you choose to opt out of the edited register this must be done each year. This will mean the details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations.

• Sign the declaration at the foot of the form then post it in the prepaid envelope provided.

If the details on the form are correct, or if the only changes are to opt out of the edited register or to request a postal vote form, you can also confirm your registration by:
- Freephone - 0808 284 1432
- Internet -

If the only changes are to opt out of the edited register you can confirm your registration by:
- SMS TEXT - 07786 209 434

If there are no changes and all the details on the form are correct you can confirm your registration by:
- SMS TEXT - 07786 209 432 

You will need to have your voter registration form to hand when you use any of these methods.

For more information or for help or advice, contact the electoral registration officer on 01242 264132.

For press enquiries contact: Kelly Carter, communications officer, telephone 01242 264154, email


Notes to editor

1. The annual canvass takes place every autumn. An annual canvass form will be sent to every property in Cheltenham. A revised electoral register will be published by 17 February 2014.
2. You can only vote if your name appears in the register of electors and you are aged 18 or over on polling day. Any eligible person over the age of 16 can register to vote but must be 18 or over on polling day.
3. Special provisions to register also apply to members of the UK armed forces serving abroad to allow them to vote. For more information, go to the about my vote website.  
4. There are two versions of the electoral register – the full and edited registers. Only certain people and organisations can have copies of the full register and can only use it for specified reasons. The edited register can be bought by anyone who asks for it and can be used for any purpose, including direct marketing.