Successful bid for £350k for west Cheltenham regeneration

Published on 31st March 2017


Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) and Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) have been successful in a bid for grant funding from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The £350,000 that has been secured will enable an initial research and planning exercise to be carried out in a broad area around Princess Elizabeth Way. This will enable a more in-depth appreciation of those communities than ever before and will help us to understand how best to improve them.

Paul Stephenson, chief executive at CBH said: “We are delighted to have secured this funding. It is very early in the process and there is much still to be done and we are looking forward to working with Cheltenham Borough Council to make the most of this opportunity.”

Tim Atkins, managing director for place and economic development at Cheltenham Borough Council added: “This is a great opportunity that could lead to significant investment into these important communities. The grant will fund initial feasibility work that will examine a range of options for investment into the housing stock which would have a positive impact on the quality of life for local people.’’


Notes for editors:

CBH submitted the bid in late January 2017 and the funding is one of more than 100 bids across the country to have received significant investment from the Government’s Estate Regeneration Fund.

DCLG press release

Cheltenham Borough Homes:

  • CBH is one of the top rated ALMOs (Arms Length Management Organisations) in the country. ALMOs are not for profit companies that run social housing services for their local council
  • Currently CBH manage and maintain around 5,000 tenant and leasehold properties with high satisfaction and performance levels, when compared nationally with other housing providers
  • CBH is a Registered Provider, having built and own our own homes
  • CBH put their customers at the heart of what they do; working with them to shape services and ensure the company focuses on local need
  • CBH deliver more than high quality core landlord services: they have an ongoing programme building new homes and regenerating communities; they support people to find work and employment; work to improve financial inclusion and develop stock to make it more energy efficient

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