Civil Injunction for prolific beggar

Published on 4th April 2017

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Civil Injunction is awarded against Mr Dainton after he failed to stop begging and targeting vulnerable people for money.

Alan Dainton, 43 is one of Cheltenham’s most prolific beggars, although he is housed and in receipt of benefits. His antisocial behaviour has been proven to have an ongoing detrimental impact on specific individuals and businesses as well as the wider community.

The County Court awarded a Civil Injunction against Mr Dainton on Monday 28 March after he failed to stop begging and targeting vulnerable people for money, despite warnings from the council and police. The Civil Injunction included the following conditions which forbid him from:

  1. engaging in conduct which causes or is capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any person within the town of Cheltenham;
  2. entering or being in the exclusion area outlined red on the map;
  3. begging at any time within the town of Cheltenham.

If Mr Dainton is witnessed breaching these conditions, please contact the police on 101. The court has attached a power of arrest and breaches of the Injunction could be deemed a criminal offence.

The order will remain in place for a year and will expire on 28 March 2018. It is hoped that Mr Dainton will address his anti-social behaviour in that time, and to help him the Court have added a positive requirement to the Injunction at the council’s request: to attend and engage with the relevant support agency.

Lisa Jones, Cheltenham Borough Council’s anti-social behaviour co-ordinator said: “This Injunction shows we are prepared to take action against anti-social behaviour to protect the town when someone is having a negative impact on communities. However, we also appreciate that some of the people committing street ASB are vulnerable, which is why partnership working with agencies such as ‘Change, Grow, Live’ and ‘P3’ is essential to support those people into positive engagement. If we receive reports about anyone who claims to be homeless, we always first offer support to access accommodation’.

Councillor Andrew McKinlay, cabinet member for development and safety said: “This injunction sends an important message that we won't accept this sort of anti-social behaviour in Cheltenham. It tells businesses and local residents that the council is serious about tackling this sort of problem, and it is a warning to anyone else who is thinking about behaving in the same way as Mr Dainton that they won't be tolerated”.

For media enquiries contact: Jemima Lawson, communications officer 01242 775 050


map of Cheltenham showing exclusion zone for A Dainton