Cremations resume at Cheltenham’s crematorium

Published on 12th March 2018


From today (Monday 12 March) the bereavement services team will resume bookings for funeral and cremation services at the Bouncer’s Lane site in Prestbury.

Following the discovery of an unforeseen fault with the cremators (including the emission of smoke into the crematory area), engineers have now fitted the equipment necessary to provide cremation services in Cheltenham.

Mike Redman, director of environment said: “We very much appreciate the co-operation that we received from funeral directors in managing the temporary disruption to our services and apologise unreservedly for the impact this has had on bereaved families. 

“We have briefed the local funeral directors that the equipment has now been repaired and that we are now taking up to six bookings per day for the next few weeks which will allow for continued equipment maintenance checks to be completed.

“The construction of the council’s new £8.5m crematorium at Cheltenham is well underway and is on track for completion next spring, 2019.”

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Notes to editor

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