Published on 21st June 2018

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The new traffic plan for Cheltenham town centre will begin as a trial in one week, on Thursday 28 June, following extensive consultation with residents and businesses.

Cheltenham Borough Council’s (CBC) vision for a better town centre which will improve the environment, boost the local economy and improve traffic management has seen the Cheltenham Transport Plan phased in since 2016.

Phase four of the plan focuses on changes to movement through the area known locally as ‘Boots Corner’ and is part of a series of improvements to raise the ambitions of Cheltenham and set our place as a destination.

Councillor Andrew McKinlay, cabinet member for development and safety at Cheltenham Borough Council, says: "As the trial scheme begins next week, we’d ask residents to consider their journeys – such as their method of transport and route - and allow a little extra time. There will be some initial disruption as people adapt to the changes and develop new routines.

“We’d also ask residents to consider active travel such as walking and cycling which brings many benefits, as well as using public transport as an alternative to the car, particularly for short trips. Our website has a variety of information about the scheme, disabled provision and sustainable travel.

“The Boots Corner area has seen many changes over the years and we hope that these changes will improve pedestrian, cycle and public transport access and reduce car use in the town centre - and that this will in turn boost the local economy and improve the environment.” 

The phase will restrict access through the section of Clarence Street through ‘Boots Corner’, North Street, Clarence Parade and Pittville Street to Imperial Circus. General traffic will be prohibited from these streets with exemptions for buses, taxis, cycles, loading or unloading between 6pm and 10am and some other exempt vehicles.

Local businessman, Terry Croft, says: “I welcome the trial closure of Boots Corner. Although it will undoubtedly take some getting used to for us motorists it could be a great leap forward for Cheltenham in the way we utilise our town centre. Most of the successful towns and cities I have visited across Europe, have a quietened traffic zone at its centre to optimise the use of the public realm. If this works, it could make Cheltenham a nicer place to live, work and shop, and could substantially elevate the town.”

New blue badge spaces have been created in Crescent Terrace; Inner Promenade; Grosvenor Place South; Imperial Square (Eastern arm); and Clarence Street. Blue badge parking is also available in Cheltenham Borough Council car parks. The council also runs a Shopmobility scheme where residents and visitors can register and pre-book wheelchairs, motorised scooters or other required equipment. Call 01242 255333 or email to register and use the service.

Footfall, traffic flow and journey times will be monitored throughout the trial using a variety of methods. More information about this can be found on the council’s website.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to share their feedback formally about the trial scheme when it goes live on Thursday 28 June 2018 at

Media enquiries on the development and aims of the Cheltenham Transport Plan should be made to Laura Carter, communications officer, Cheltenham Borough Council, 01242 264154, email

Media enquiries on the highways works being carried out for the Cheltenham Transport Plan should be made to Gloucestershire County Council, 01452 427550, email

Additional notes
The Cheltenham Transport Plan has been split into phases to limit disruption. Phases one, two and three are now complete and monitoring shows they are working well. 

The trial closure of Boots Corner will be carried out under an experimental traffic regulation order (TRO) from 28 June. 

For more information about the Cheltenham Transport Plan, including frequently asked questions, visit

Gloucestershire County Council (GCC), as local highway authority, is making the changes to the streets to enable the scheme.