Cabinet agrees 3 year waste transfer plan for Cheltenham

Published on 3rd December 2018

green recycling boxes and green wheelie bins

Decision forms part of long term service review.

Waste and recycling arrangements for Cheltenham were discussed at last week’s extraordinary cabinet meeting (28 November).

Cheltenham Borough Council’s cabinet considered two options for transporting Cheltenham’s residual waste to Javelin Park, Gloucestershire’s new Energy from Waste service.  This is in response to a review by Gloucestershire County Council (as disposal authority) of waste transfer arrangements across the county.

The two options considered at cabinet were to: directly transport the waste to Javelin Park using the council’s UBICO staff and refuse vehicles; or to use a “local waste transfer facility” provided by Gloucestershire County Council where local waste will be bulked up before being collected and transported on to Javelin Park.

Due to the additional costs of purchasing and operating additional vehicles and staff which would be needed to deliver the waste directly to Javelin Park, and the need to reduce the risk of collections not being completed for residents, cabinet agreed that for the next three years, Cheltenham’s waste will be taken to the transfer facility before going on to Javelin Park. A settlement of £50,000 per year to the county council has been negotiated to part fund this arrangement for this time period.

At the same meeting, cabinet also agreed that the borough council should withdraw its membership from the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee (JWC) which was set up in 2013. The JWC provides support to local councils to manage their waste and recycling functions across the county. However, following a detailed review of the costs and benefits of the arrangements with the JWC and the need for stronger management and closer control of its local environmental services, cabinet agreed that it would strengthen its in-house arrangements for managing its contract with UBICO.

The council will also undertake a detailed review of its waste and recycling site at Swindon Road in Cheltenham, serving both Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, to consider future waste transfer options available to the councils in conjunction with Gloucestershire County Council after the three year payment arrangement of £50,000 to the county council expires.

Councillor Chris Coleman, cabinet member for clean and green environment said: ‘’Cheltenham’s current service, which is proving to be popular with residents, has only recently been redesigned and it would not make sense to go through another round of changes and disruption to accommodate the Javelin Park arrangements.

‘’Whilst we conduct an entire service review – taking into account our withdrawal from the JWC-  the three year arrangement allows the council time to establish the best, most efficient and sustainable options.

‘’Our priority is to continue to deliver our residents with high quality waste and recycling services. It is only right that we regularly review our services so we can continue to offer the best to our customers now and into the future.’’

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Notes: The local waste transfer facility will be part of a procurement process, managed by Gloucestershire County Council.