Residents would like to recycle even more

Published on 5th February 2019

green recycling boxes and green wheelie bins

Survey shows strong support for weekly recycling and household recycling centre

More than 4,290 people took part in a recent survey about Cheltenham’s waste and recycling collections. The feedback will make sure that the service continues to offer good value for money for local residents and keeps waste out of landfill.  A big thank you to those who took part in the consultation, please look out for further consultation which is planned during the course of this year. 

In the survey, which ran from 19 December through to 6 January, nearly 70% of residents said that they were either very satisfied or satisfied with their waste and recycling collections. Of those, 97% said they make an effort to recycle. The current kerbside scheme – which offers even more opportunity to recycle a variety of materials from the doorstep such as cardboard, plastic pots, tubs and trays, small electrical items, batteries and textiles – saw a big increase in recycling locally since its redesign in October 2017 amounting to an extra 1600 tonnes approx. of recycling in 2018/19. 

Residents told the council that they would support a weekly kerbside recycling collection and would like to recycle cartons/tetrapak, plastic film and large pieces of cardboard.  Based on the views from residents, the council will look to further improve the recycling service in Cheltenham.

Cheltenham’s recycling centre received a lot of support in the consultation, with 90% of respondents saying they wanted the centre to stay open and the council is pleased to say it will.  The council will listen to residents’ suggestions about recycling more types of materials and what further improvements could be made in future.

Councillor Chris Coleman, cabinet member for clean and green environment said: “Now the public have told us they are keen to see weekly recycling introduced, we will see if we can make this happen.  We have just taken delivery of a new recycling vehicle so this is a really good time to see if we can introduce weekly recycling within our fleet of 13 vehicles.  It would be great if we could also increase opportunities for recycling materials like tetrapak, film and large cardboard in Cheltenham. During the course of the year we will be consulting further with the public and I would urge everyone to have their say.  We will be looking at ways to engage as many residents as possible.’’

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  1. 52% of residents who responded suggested that they would support a 3 weekly refuse collection service, if recycling was collected more frequently. The council’s aim is to increase recycling and reduce the amount of residual waste so they will keep listening to residents’ views about 3 weekly refuse collections.
  2. The survey also revealed that residents would support fewer collections per year of garden waste so that during the winter months, resources can be used to manage other areas of the service, for instance those affected by severe weather.  A small increase in garden waste charges is being introduced to bring prices in line with neighbouring authorities and the costs of running the service. Further details are available at