No Child Left Behind award nominations now open

Published on 3rd October 2019

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#NCLBawards - Shining a light on projects that have made a difference!

Nominations are now open for the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) awards 2019. The awards will celebrate the people and organisations that make Cheltenham a better place for children and young people.

The awards are open to every project, organisation, group or service that can demonstrate how they’ve made a difference to children and young people in Cheltenham this year, especially those living in poverty or facing other disadvantages.

There are 12 categories that the NCLB project seeks to shine a light on and are encouraging all projects or organisations involved with children’s activities, services or groups to enter.

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony to be held on 30 January 2020 at Cheltenham Town Hall.

The list of categories is as below and nominations can be submitted online:

#OurTown - Understanding what child poverty is and how it affects our town

#PositiveRelationships - Discovering the importance of having good relationships and being kind

#ConfidentGirls - Tackling issues affecting girls, including period poverty and self-esteem

 #StrongFamilies - Building happy and resilient families

 #CelebratingChildhood - Uniting to celebrate the triumphs and talents of our children

 #AmbitiousCareers - Inspiring children to aim high and achieve their potential

 #PhysicallyActive - Children and families across the town coming together to get moving

 #FunandFulfilment - Helping children find their strengths and passions

 #InnovativeEducation - Cheltenham launches a restorative approach to education

 #GoodMentalHealth - Finding ways for families to reduce anxiety and have better mental health

 #AchievingBoys - Tackling issues affecting boys, including education and criminal exploitation

 #EatingWell - Helping families to eat well on a budget

Cllr Flo Clucas member for healthy lifestyles said: ‘’No Child Left Behind means a great deal to all those organisations and people who have been involved. Changing the life chances of our most disadvantaged children is what drives all of them.

‘’I am delighted that we are going to celebrate and congratulate those who have given their time, money and resources to make a difference. Cheltenham should be proud of every one of them and most if all, the children and young people who took part. Let us know who makes the borough a better place by nominating them today.’’

Martin Surl, police and crime commissioner, said: “As a No Child Left Behind partner we are aware of an exceptional range of organisations and individuals working hard to help children and young people and we look forward to seeing the submissions.’’

Award submissions must be made by 4pm on 13 December 2019

For press enquiries contact communications team or 01242 264332

Further information about No Child Left Behind can be found at

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