Public Spaces Protection Orders - advice for visitors and residents during race week

Published on 9th March 2020

tickets for sale with PSPO notice

Signage is in place highlighting the prohibition of alcohol consumption and ticket touting in Cheltenham's public places.

This week Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) signage has been put in place across the town, as the council and its partners would like to remind visitors to the races and residents that drinking on the street and ticket touting are both prohibited in Cheltenham under legal orders.

The Public Spaces Protection (Cheltenham) Order 2017 makes it an offence to refuse to stop drinking or hand over alcohol when requested to do so by an authorised officer.

The Public Spaces Protection (Cheltenham) Ticket Tout Order 2018 states that any person, other than the official organiser of any of the restricted events, who:

  • offers to sell tickets for any restricted event;
  • exposes for sale tickets for any restricted event;
  • makes available for sale by another tickets for any restricted event;
  • advertises that tickets for any restricted event are available for purchase and/or
  • gives tickets for any restricted event to a person who pays or agrees to pay for some other goods or services or offering to do so commits an offence.

PSPO’s are designed to stop individuals or groups behaving anti-socially in a public space to protect the quality of life of those in the area. They are enforced by authorised council officers and in relation to alcohol restrictions, police constables and community support officers.

Breaches of the orders may result in a fixed penalty notice of £80 being issued.

Councillor Andrew McKinlay, member for development and safety said: “Cheltenham is a vibrant town and enjoys increased footfall during the festivals events. To ensure that all residents and visitors can enjoy themselves, public space protection orders were introduced to ensure the council, in conjunction with the police can deal swiftly with any anti-social behaviour that may occur.”

Mike Redman, director of environment said: ‘‘We continue to develop our successful partnership with Cheltenham Racecourse, the police and the Business Improvement District to make sure the festival can be safely enjoyed by residents and visitors. If anyone has concerns or witnesses any antisocial behaviour, please contact our community protection officers or report it online.”

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