Published on 8th October 2020

Don't lose your voice at future elections

Cheltenham residents, who have not yet responded to their household information letter, will be visited by a canvasser to ensure they are registered to vote in the elections.

The canvassers will leave a form telling residents how to respond and where to return the form. This ensures that the council can keep the electoral register up to date and identify any residents who are not registered, so they can be encouraged to do so.

Kim Smith, Cheltenham Borough Council’s elections and registration manager, said: “It is very important that Cheltenham residents are registered and are able to vote in elections. To ensure this is possible, canvassers will be visiting those who have not updated their details.”

Any residents who have any questions can contact their local registration team at Cheltenham Borough Council, telephone 01242 264132, email or visit

For press enquiries, please contact: communications, 01242 264231

The annual canvass must be carried out every year by law. The information is used to compile a new register of electors eligible to vote which will be published 1 December 2020.

For more information about voting, elections and other frequently asked questions go to the council website.

For general enquiries, the elections office can be contacted by email or phone 01242 264132.