Extension for temporary planning regulations

Published on 22nd December 2020

temporary structure in Cheltenham

The council has extended the temporary planning relaxations intended to support businesses during the coronavirus pandemic to 31 May 2021

Cheltenham planning department has extended the relaxation of planning regulations due to Covid 19, as safety and space challenges for many business and organisations continue.

In March 2020 ahead of the government announcement, the council temporarily relaxed planning regulations to allow pubs and restaurants to operate as takeaways and allowed temporary structures or buildings for Covid-19 related reasons. 

The council recognises for many businesses and organisations, more physical space to accommodate social distancing and safer operations continues to be required and has extended the relaxation of the regulations to 31 May 2021.

Cllr Victoria Atherstone, cabinet member for economy and planning, said: ‘’We were the first in the country to approach this initiative in a positive and proactive manner. It has so far proven successful with increased options for takeaway services and providing safer places for residents to socialise and we will continue to help support our community.’’

Tracey Crews, director of planning, continued: ‘’We understand that businesses and organisations face difficult decisions at present. Some need more space but do not have the time to apply for, and wait until planning permission is granted for a temporary structure. Organisations are encouraged to consult the website or contact the planning service for further information.’’

Any existing business or organisation wishing to erect (or which has already erected) a temporary structure/building for Covid-19 related reasons on private land or on Cheltenham Borough Council owned parks and gardens will need to visit the council’s webpages for planning and development or to contact the planning team.

For media enquiries contact communications@cheltenham.gov.uk or 01242 264332.