Cheltenham Borough Council honours the Emergency Services on Emergency Services (999) Day

Published on 9th September 2021

Deputy Mayor Sandra Holliday, holding the Emergency Services Day flag

The mayoral office and leader show their support on behalf of the council.

Today (Thursday 9 September) the council will raise the Emergency Services Day flag on the Municipal Offices to honour all those who work and volunteer across the NHS and emergency services.

There are currently over two million people working in Britain’s emergency services, many of which are volunteers, and more than 7,500 personnel have lost their lives in the course of their duties in the last 200 years.

Councillor Rowena Hay, leader of Cheltenham Borough Council, said: ‘’As a Council we thank all our selfless NHS and emergency services heroes who do the most difficult job in challenging circumstances every day. Today we fly the Emergency Services Day flag to show our support for their courageous efforts.’’

Emergency Services Day aims to promote good citizenship, the need to use emergency services responsibly and to teach people how they can assist the emergency services. It also aims to attract new volunteers such as search and rescue and NHS community responders, and to encourage people to undertake lifesaving training.

Deputy Mayor Sandra Holliday continued: “Today we celebrate and honour all those who devote their lives to emergency services roles. During the pandemic the NHS were hugely in demand and continue to be, as well as the police, fire and rescue services and we thank them for their dedication and resilience and encourage anyone  who may be considering joining these workforces to volunteer.’’

Cheltenham Mayoress Jo Harvey, National Programme Lead for Personalised Care and Support Planning at NHS England and Improvement, said: “Today we are here to celebrate and honour all those, past and present, who devote themselves to emergency service work. I am a proud member of the NHS workforce, and have never been more proud of the achievements of the NHS and our partners in the police, fire, rescue and care services than I have in these last 18 months.  I would particularly like to thank & honour those in the frontline of each of our emergency services, for their incredible work during this pandemic. We owe them our lives and our gratitude.”

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