Cheltenham’s 70th sign up for No Child Left Behind Community Agreement with Claire Thayers & Associates

Published on 20th October 2021

Claire thayers & associates are 70th  sign up to NCLB community agreement

Since its launch in September 2020, the No Child Left Behind initiative has reached its seventieth sign up to the NCLB community agreement which encourages schools and organisations across all sectors to commit to delivering services across our town with kindness at its core.

Cheltenham’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) initiative celebrates Claire Thayers & Associates as its 70th sign up to the community agreement which focuses on all sectors committing to working with families in a way that focusses on kindness, understanding and empathy. 

Cllr Flo Clucas cabinet member for safety and communities said: ''The No Child Left Behind community agreement has reached a significant milestone and I’m delighted to welcome Claire Thayers & Associates as our 70th sign up.

’Wherever you see the NCLB community agreement mark you know the organisation has committed to treat children and families with kindness and compassion.’’

Claire Thayers corporate social responsibility consultant said: ‘’My aim at Claire Thayers and Associates is to encourage and support businesses with their corporate social responsibility and to encourage them to support good local causes – doing good is good for business!

‘’NCLB is perfect for me – I am thrilled to support it and as I am currently working with the Ambition Institute too – our focus is supporting the most challenged schools locally, which post Covid will be hit the hardest, and I sincerely hope more businesses will follow suit, after all it is their future employees.’’

NCLB continues to build on its successes and learning points of the past year. Led by the borough council, together with its core partners, it continues to address the report which identified more than a third of the town’s children were living in poverty. These children were statistically more likely to experience challenges such as school exclusion, lower educational attainment, poorer mental and physical health, and an increased likelihood of having social care involvement in their family.

For more information about the NCLB Community Agreement which is designed to highlight the strengths and achievements of Cheltenham families and organisations, and to provide signposting and support visit the NCLB website.

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