Published on 14th December 2021

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Brand new series of short films offers reminders for staying safe

Cheltenham Borough Council has launched a series of bite size videos to remind people of the steps they can take to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable night out in Cheltenham.

With the festive season upon us, people are out and enjoying Cheltenham’s award-winning evening and night-time economy (ENTE), visiting markets, office Christmas parties or enjoying one of the many late night venues Cheltenham has to offer.

As a Purple Flag town, Cheltenham’s evening and night-time economy has been externally assessed and accredited as safe and inclusive. Safety is the responsibility of everyone, including the council, police, our voluntary sector partners but also people who come out to enjoy the evening and night-time economy.

At a particularly busy time of the year, the council, in partnership with Cheltenham Safe, is reminding people to follow a few simple steps for a safe and enjoyable night out in Cheltenham. These bite size videos include general safety advice and tips, advice on safe transport to Cheltenham and home at the end of the night and specific advice on the steps people can take to avoid drink spiking.

Keep a look out for these safety videos on Cheltenham Borough Council’s social media accounts, the Licensing Section’s Twitter account and on Cheltenham Safe’s social media accounts.

Colin Pilsworth, ENTE co-ordinator and Cheltenham safe manager, said: “Licensed venues work very hard to ensure people who visit their venues are safe. Venues operate a number of schemes to promote safety such as “Ask for Angela”, "Ask for Clive" for the LGBTQ+ community, a town-wide radio network, door staff and a banning scheme, to ensure the small number of people who cause trouble cannot get into licensed venues in future.

“These videos will enhance the work already being done to ensure people continue to enjoy a safe night out in Cheltenham.”

Councillor David Willingham, chair of licensing committee and Cheltenham’s ENTE champion, said: “People visiting Cheltenham should be safe, and feel safe. The council and its partners work hard to make sure people can be confident of an enjoyable and safe night out but safety is everyone's responsibility.

“I am pleased to say the council is being proactive in promoting safety in the evening and night-time economy through these videos and I would urge everyone to take note and follow these simple steps.”

Councillor Martin Horwood, cabinet member customer and regulatory services, added: “The council places a very high priority on public safety. We want people to be safe when they go out in Cheltenham. 

“These videos will add to all the work already being done by the council, licence holders and other partners promoting safety in Cheltenham’s evening and night-time economy.

“Safe night-time economies are thriving night-time economies. At this particularly busy time of the year, we want people to enjoy what Cheltenham’s night-time economy has to offer and these simple safety steps will no doubt add to the excellent work already being undertaken to keep people safe.”

With the emergence of the new Omicron variant, the council is also urging people to play their part in stopping the spread do the Coronavirus when planning a night out in Cheltenham. People are encouraged to take a lateral flow test, get a negative result before going out, and take steps to prepare for the proposed requirement to show their vaccination status as a condition of entry to some licensed venues.

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Cheltenham Safe is a business crime reduction scheme, working in partnership with the Police, Cheltenham Borough Council, the Chamber of Commerce and other key partners.

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