Published on 5th July 2022

Beech tree on Tivoli Road

Beech tree to be felled due to two major decay fungi

It is with regret that tomorrow (Wednesday 6 July 2022) a beech tree on Tivoli Road is being removed.

Despite best efforts to retain the tree, with the crown having been reduced in size in May 2022, a consultant report now shows that the tree’s structural condition has been significantly compromised and has become a hazard. 

Chris Chavasse, senior trees officer, says: “Sadly, due to two different types of incurable fungus and earlier attempts to save the tree, it is structurally compromised and needs to be removed to ensure the safety of neighbouring properties and road users. Tree safety is a high priority and this tree will be replaced by a new tree in the next planting season.” 

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Notes to editors

The beech tree to be felled is located at private residence, 9 Tivoli Road. This follows a ‘five day notice of intent to fell’ (June 2022) being allowed by the council. A condition applied is that a new tree is to be replanted in the same location during the next planting season.