Published on 14th July 2022

Recycling peresented at kerbside

Residents are asked to put bins and boxes out the night before collection day ready for early waste and recycling collections on Monday 18 July and Tuesday 19 July 2022.

Due to the forecast of extreme heat on Monday and Tuesday (18 and 19 July), our collection teams will be starting their rounds at 5.30am instead of 7am.

Cllr Rowena Hay, leader of the council, says: “With temperatures forecast to reach up to 35C at the beginning of next week, our waste and recycling collections will start earlier than usual on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

“This is to help our crews and vehicles cope in the extreme heat and ensure that they’re able to complete the scheduled collections. 

“Residents are asked to put their recycling boxes, food caddies, refuse and garden bins out for collection at kerbside the night before, so that they’re ready for collection from 5.30am onwards.

“Our crews will do their very best to be as quiet as possible whilst out collecting earlier in the morning.”

Collection crews will be in the following areas on Monday 18 July

  • Refuse and food collection
    • Springbank, Hesters Way, and the roads with weekly refuse collections in St Pauls
  • Recycling box and food collection
    • Wymans Brook, Swindon Village, and St Pauls    
  • Garden waste collection
    • Springbank, Fiddlers Green, Hesters Way, St Pauls, Swindon Village and Rowenfield

Collection crews will be in the following areas on Tuesday 19 July

  • Refuse and food collection
    • Montpellier and Town Centre
  • Recycling box and food collection
    • Rowenfield and St Marks
  • Garden waste collection
    • Battledown, Fairview, Cotham Fields, Prestbury, Pitville, Wymans Brook and Cleeveland Estate

Any missed bins should be left out at kerbside and reported to the council for collection by the end of Friday 22 July 2022.

Swindon Road recycling centre closure

Due to the extreme hot weather conditions, we will also be closing Swindon Road household recycling centre from 2pm on Monday 18 July Tuesday 19 July.

 Visit our waste and recycling pages for further information on the council’s waste and recycling service.

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