Published on 5th September 2022

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Funding will support organisations working to address health inequalities and impacts of the cost of living crisis

Cheltenham Borough Council is working with local NHS partners to offer a pot of funding to support community-based projects, aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of local residents and the communities they live in. The applications for the health and wellbeing grant fund is now open.

The grant fund will provide much needed investment to support organisations working with individuals or communities who face health inequalities that may have been worsened by the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis.

Cllr Max Wilkinson, cabinet member for economic development, culture, tourism and wellbeing said:  “As we recover from the pandemic, many people in our communities continue to struggle and this is now being made worse by the cost of living crisis.

“This grant fund will go some way towards helping people improve their physical and mental health at such a difficult time.”

The six district and borough councils in Gloucestershire have been given access to money from the Strengthening Local Communities Fund to support health and wellbeing, with each area developing a plan for how to direct the funding. In Cheltenham, the council is working with Cheltenham Integrated Locality Partnership (a group including health and social care providers and local government working together to bring services together and plan how they are delivered to local populations) to manage the grant-making process.

Mary Hutton, chief executive, NHS Gloucestershire (part of One Gloucestershire Integrated Care System - ICS) said: “We want to transform the way communities, voluntary organisations, the NHS and local authorities work together to improve the health and wellbeing of all people across Gloucestershire.

‘’It’s fantastic that the council has decided to use Strengthening Local Communities funding to offer grants to local community projects; we know how important these are in helping people re-connect with their neighbourhoods whilst promoting physical activity and wider cultural opportunities and we’re delighted to be supporting it.”

Organisations are being encouraged to apply online.

Due to the need to award funding to projects that are addressing the current cost of living crisis, we will carry out a first round of assessments by the end of September. 

We will then carry out a second round of assessments by the end of October. 

For press enquiries, contact or 01242 264 231

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