Published on 11th April 2011

“One of the highest rated reports” – that was the verdict from the National Tenant Organisations (NTOs) on Cheltenham Borough Homes’ (CBH) tenant led annual report.

A review of 259 annual reports to tenants by housing associations, councils and ALMOs (Arms Length Management Organisation) was carried out by NTOs. The review aimed to give a tenant perspective on the annual reports and to help tenants and landlords improve their annual reports in future.

Following the review NTOs published a report; 'A Good Start but could do better' setting out what they think is good and bad about the first year reports.

CBHs Annual Report to Residents 2009/10' was highlighted in the review as one of the highest rated reports produced by an ALMO. The NTOs also praised CBH for allowing tenants the opportunity to feedback and said that they "particularly liked that it was tenant-led and that there was a good partnership between all the stakeholders involved." 

Paul Davies, Chief Executive at CBH said:"Working in partnership with our tenants we were delighted with this year's annual report which helps to ensure that we improve and maintain the quality of services we provide. The recognition that we are on the right track and working well with the most important people, our customers, is very gratefully received. Putting our customers at the heart of what we do remains our key focus and we will continue to fully involve our tenants in shaping our future services."

For the first time, a team of seven CBH tenants, one board member and four community involvement staff from CBH worked in partnership to produce the annual report to residents.

Tenant and CBH Board member Dan Clutten, who was part of the Annual Report Team said: "This praise highlights the positive influence of tenant involvement. It's great to hear that our hard work paid off and we have delivered an annual report that we and our residents can be proud of."

A copy of 'CBH Annual Report to Residents 2009/10' can be downloaded at or hard copies are available on request on 0800 408 0000.


Notes for editors

National Tenants Organisation (NTOs)

NTOs is made up of the following four organisations: Confederation of Cooperative Housing, the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations, the Tenant Participation Advisory Service and Tenants and Residents of England.

Cheltenham Borough Homes:

  • CBH is one of the top rated ALMOs in the country, assessed as providing 'excellent services with excellent prospects for the future' by the Audit Commission.  
  • Currently CBH manage and maintain around 5,000 tenant and leasehold properties with an overall satisfaction level of 85%, placing them in the top ten ALMOs nationally. 
  • The organisation's approach to community development and participation; governance and equality and diversity has been recognised as good practice nationally
  • CBH has a ten year management agreement, which runs until 31st March 2020
  • CBH continue to develop excellent services by working closely with customers.  It will include building new homes and continuing to regenerate communities whilst tackling issues of worklessness and addressing social enterprise.


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