Changes to waste collections over the Jubilee bank holiday

Published on 16th May 2012

A recycling operative emptying a green recycling box

The refuse and recycling collection schedule will change slightly as a result of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the associated bank holidays.

There will be no collections on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 June, therefore collections will be running late. Please note that this may mean your collection day is on a Saturday. Collections will return to normal from Monday 18 June.

Scott Williams, strategic client officer for Cheltenham Borough Council said: "The council has arranged for collection crews to make their collections later in the week. Residents are advised to present their refuse bin, recycling box, food waste caddy and garden waste bin (if subscribed) by 7.00am on their revised collection day.”

The full list of changes can be found below;

Scheduled collection day Revised collection day
4 June - Monday (bank holiday) 6 June - Wednesday
5 June - Tuesday (bank holiday) 7 June - Thursday
6 June - Wednesday 8 June - Friday
7 June - Thursday 9 June - Saturday
8 June - Friday 11 June - Monday

11 June - Monday 12 June - Tuesday
12 June - Tuesday 13 June - Wednesday
13 June - Wednesday 14 June - Thursday
14 June - Thursday 15 June - Friday
15 June - Friday 16 June - Saturday

18 June - Monday Normal collections resume

If you are unsure of your normal refuse, recycling, food waste and garden waste (if subscribed) collection day, please visit the recycling pages of the council’s website -

Alternatively you can contact our customer service team on 01242 262626.

For press enquiries contact: James Clifton, web and communications support officer, telephone 01242 264230 or email