Come along for a ‘tree walk and talk’

Published on 29th June 2012

Beech Tree

Tree lovers can learn more about planting, general arboriculture and tree management issues at a talk on Sunday 1 July.

Starting at 3.15pm under the large beech tree near the Jubilee seat in Montpellier Gardens, people are welcome to come along free of charge to take part in the conducted tree tour.

Led by the council’s senior trees officer Chris Chavasse, the walk and talk will focus on the arboricultural heritage within the gardens as well as discuss future of the large copper beech tree and recent tree planting.

Chris said: ‘’Whatever the weather,  unless of course there is an electrical storm, I hope that people will come along and take part in what will be an interesting tour around these beautiful gardens.’’

The walk will last for about one and 15 minutes.