We are reviewing the current seasonal planting regimes and considering introducing new planting schemes that continue to be highly valued by residents and visitors to Cheltenham for years to come.

We are proposing to introduce flowering perennials in place of the annual bedding.

We will retain hanging baskets and window boxes throughout the town.

Find out more about the proposal.

flowering perennial

Benefits of flowering perennials

  • A wider variety of plants giving the gardens and public spaces a more diverse visual and sensory impact
  • The increase in plant species will help to support increased levels of ecological biodiversity – which is great for bees, animals and insects
  • The plants have a longer life cycle and greater tolerance to both climatic extremes and physical damage
  • Maintenance levels and costs are significantly reduced

Public interest

You may have seen that a petition was recently delivered to the council, asking that we continue to plant Imperial Gardens and the Promenade Long Gardens with formal seasonal flowers in October and June. The petition is now closed and will be debated at a council meeting on 16 October 2017.

There is also an online petition asking the council to promote and implement, where practicable, sustainable planting across all of Cheltenham’s parks and gardens including Imperial Gardens and the Promenade Long Garden. This petition closed on 30 November 2017.

Both petitions can be found on the council’s e-petition site.

Example of flowering perennials
Flowering perennial example
flowering perennial
flowering perennial
Flowering perennial planting example
Example flowering perennials
Flowering perennial planting example
Example flowering perennial