Rodent bait in public spaces

We have recently received reports of rodent bait and bait boxes which have been irresponsibly placed by individuals in public spaces, quite often where people walk their dogs.  We are investigating this and are asking people to be aware and extra vigilant whilst walking their dogs.

Pest problems in your home

If you have a pest problem in your home or garden in Cheltenham, our  fully qualified pest control technicians can offer you expert advice or treatments to remove them.

Tell us as soon as you notice you have a pest problem. Some of the obvious signs of an infestation in your home include: droppings, gnawed material, smells, nests and scratching noises, as well as actually seeing the pests themselves.

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Following our inspection, we'll give you written details of the suggested treatment and advise you about our safe use of pesticides.

Rat climbing into a fridge

Are you a landlord or business owner?

If you're a landlord or a business owner in Cheltenham with a pest problem, contact us for a free quote.  Find out more

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We don't deal with swarms of bees, but we can put you in touch with a local beekeeper. Please call us or use our online form.

Pests on someone elses property

Contact us to report a pest problem on someone else's property. You won't be charged for doing this.

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