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Latest News

Road closures – “keep your bins out”

Residents affected by road closures due to Severn Trent sewer work are being asked to keep their bins and recycling boxes out, rather than taking them back in if it appears they've not been collected.

Suspended sentence for benefit fraudster

Two cases of benefit fraud, coming to a total of £28k of falsely claimed money, have been won by Cheltenham Borough Council at court this month.

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Copper beech felling in Montpellier, July 2014

Removal of iconic copper beech in Montpellier Gardens. The tree had unfortunately fallen prey to a serious fungus. 00:00:55

War memorials in Cheltenham and our twin towns

An audio visual presentation created for Cheltenham Borough Council by Cheltenham Camera Club to commemorate World War One with images from Cheltenham, Annecy, Goettingen and Cheltenham, Pennsylvania. 00:05:14.250

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@annecrocks Hi, there's no legal requirement as long as the bus driver is in his seat. It might be worth mentioning it to the coach company.
About 5 hours ago

@B_Carlton Hi, Martin - who you met is on hols for a couple of weeks. He would know. Do you have his details to contact him? Thanks.
About 8 hours ago

Road closures – “keep your bins out”
About 9 hours ago

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