Report an abandoned bicycle

Abandoned bicycles

Where a bicycle is suspected of being abandoned in the town, we will take steps to reunite it with its owner or dispose of it, depending on the condition of the bike.

If you believe a bicycle has been abandoned in the borough, you can report this to us.

Report online

So that we can deal with your report as quickly as possible, it's important to consider the following information and have it ready to give us:

  • details of the bike  including how long it has been at the site and the condition it is in
  • the date and time you saw the bike
  • the location of the bike
  • any evidence you have such as photo’s or videos

Report an abandoned bicycle

What happens next

Where bicycles appear to be abandoned around the town, we will take reasonable steps to identify the owner. Where they are not claimed, we will refer the bike to Gloucester Bike Project who will carry out further enquiries with the police.

If the bike has been stripped down to the frame we will remove it.

If you need to report an issue to the team please use the online form or contact 01242 262626.

If you need to discuss an existing case please contact 01242 264135 or email [email protected]