2019-2023 Corporate Plan

Making Cheltenham the cyber capital of the UK - a national first - is just one of the exciting, high level priorities in our new corporate strategy, which has been agreed by full council.

The starting point for our new plan is Cheltenham's place vision. This is the collective commitment to ensure that Cheltenham is a place where everyone thrives supported by a thriving economy, a thriving cultural offering and thriving communities. We have made sure that the commitments in this plan support this vision.

We have taken stock of our organisation and involved a wide range of staff, elected members and external partners in discussions about the purpose of our organisation and how we want the organisation to look and feel.

As part of this, we have taken time to consider our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats whilst also reflecting on our external environment.

With our better understanding of the council, we have been able to develop a new corporate plan that will guide us over the next three years through defining what we are trying to achieve - our purpose, how we will go about our work - our principles, and what we are going to focus on over the next three years - our priorities.

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Our purpose

We want to make Cheltenham an even greater place for all; a place that is celebrated for its strong economy, its vibrant cultural offering and a place where our communities benefit from inclusive growth.

Our principles

  • We will achieve inclusive growth so all our communities can benefit and prosper from investments made in the borough
  • We will be commercially focused where needed and become financially self-sufficient to ensure we can continue to achieve value for money for the taxpayer
  • We will use data and technology, including insight from our customers, residents, businesses and visitors to help us make the right business decisions
  • We will provide strategic co-ordination across Cheltenham's agencies, partnerships and networks to drive the delivery of the Place Vision
  • We will work in ways that encourage equal collaboration at all levels and we will take time to listen, understand and respect each other to ensure what we do is appropriate and empowering
  • We will invest in and develop our people so they can continue to provide excellent services to residents and are prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges ahead

Our priorities

  • Making Cheltenham the cyber capital of the UK
  • Continuing the revitalisation and improvement of our vibrant town centre and public spaces
  • Achieving a cleaner and greener sustainable environment for residents and visitors
  • Increasing the supply of housing and investing to build resilient communities
  • Delivering services to meet the needs of our residents and communities

Alongside this longer-term plan we will have a specific one year plan that will set out the details of the projects that will support the delivery of our priorities.

In addition, each service area will be asked to produce a service plan that will illustrate the link between service delivery and the corporate priorities.