2018-19 Corporate Strategy

The Council has now agreed and published its interim corporate strategy action plan for the forthcoming year (April 2018 to March 2019).


This year, the council has been facilitating the preparation of a place strategy for Cheltenham which sets out a shared vision for Cheltenham for the kind of town we want Cheltenham to be in the future. The vision is that Cheltenham is a place:

  • Where all our people and the communities they live in thrive;
  • Where culture and creativity thrives, celebrated and enjoyed throughout the year;
  • Where businesses and their workforces thrive; and
  • Where everyone thrives.


The place strategy sets out three ambitions for Cheltenham, supported by nine aspirations. It has been agreed that these form the framework for the 2018-19 corporate strategy together with a fourth internal transformation ambition.


The proposed corporate framework is therefore as follows:

  • Cheltenham enables business growth by being better connected.
  • Champions physical and mental wellbeing
  • Cheltenham is internationally renowned for its culture, heritage, food and sport.
  • Cheltenham Borough Council contributes to a thriving Cheltenham and delivers excellent services to its customers


By aligning our corporate planning framework to the place strategy framework we are making a powerful statement in support of the place strategy and providing more detail about how the place ambitions and aspirations will get delivered.


After the elections, work will begin on developing the longer-term corporate strategy and performance framework with the intention of bringing in back to full council later in the year.