Property services

The property and asset management team manage and maintain the council's property portfolio, which comprises a range of properties used for operational purposes or held for commercial or investment reasons. 

We do not deal with council housing lets

Other functions include:

  • management of the use of land and buildings by the council or tenants, including negotiation of the terms and conditions for acquisitions, disposals, leases and licences
  • management of non-residential property, including the enforcement of covenants, lease renewals, rent reviews, enquiries and advice
  • advice on property values, rights and obligations to other divisions of the council
  • strategic management and planning of the council's property assets to assist in meeting the objectives of the corporate business plan
  • provision of planned and responsive maintenance as well as routine servicing of all council properties
  • letting and management of property contracts for maintenance
  • energy management and monitoring of energy use in all council buildings

Asset Management Strategy

Our Asset Management Strategy seeks to outline how the property assets link into Cheltenham Borough Council's longer term service and financial strategies, primarily focusing on the outcomes and what Cheltenham's approach will be to property management.